World TV Premiere RAAZI Full Movie on ZEE Cinema

Raazi is quiet undisputed as a spy thriller movie. Its a film version of Harinder sikka’s novel ”Calling Sehmat” which gives a genuine account of an Indian research agent (Sehmat) who upon her fathers order is engaged to a Pakistan family of troop officials to convey vital information to India, before the Indian and pakistan battle in the early 1970s. Those who have watched RAAZI full movie online, can tell with unreasonable doubts that the film has brought out the realistic thrilling nature of the novel ”Calling Sehmat” and juiced up with cinematic melodrama.

Alia bhatt, who plays Sehmat in the film brings out gripping scenes. She gives patriotism an emotion in such a war based film and constantly keeps you on edge. Alia proves that she is the perfect character for that role with her change from an innocent college student to a confident patriot to scenes where her eyes do the talking. Sehmat takes her father’s wish to continue with the family traditions of serving the country. This is his last wish prior to his imminent demise caused by lung cancer. Sehmat drops from college contrary to her mother’s wish where she is intensely coached by a senior research officer Khalid Mir, in varing scopes not limited to martial arts and firing arms. Sehmat incorporates skills of converting texts to Morse codes (type of telegram representing words with strings of dots and dashes) which Sehmat had to utilize to for transmission of data back to her country. Khan, born of an Indian freedom fighter who poses as an informant to the Pakistan government has ‘close ties’ with the Pakistan army and uses this friendship to engage Sehmat with a Pakistan army officer.

In the course of her research, she finds some information on offensive plans against the Indian government, but has a huge risk to reach the information and pass it on. Abdul, who was of service to the couple discovers and rushes to inform others. The saga continues and Sehmat, from her smiles to her frustrations, nervous and guilt sadness, absolutely plays the perfect spy. My impression for the film can only be satisfactory if you watch RAAZI movie online. The level of patriotism, drama, and information passed by this true based film is so much intensively meant to be passed and seen by everyone.

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