World Television Premiere Tholi Prema on Gemini TV

Tholi Prema Movie Online:

Great news for all Varun Tej fans out there, as you can now watch his early 2018 hit movie Tholi Prema on Gemini Tv!

The movie redefines new age romance as two high school students fall in love during a train ride. Aditya (Varun Tej) is quick to admit his love to Varsha (Raashi Khanna), who hesitates to reciprocate. The two reunite three months later where a simple misunderstanding leads to a spat and separates them for six long years!

As it happens, fate brings the two together, but will their love story take flight this time around? Well, you have to watch the movie to find out!

The movie won several accolades for keeping it real and relatable. There are not too many predictable sequences making it quite enjoyable. The movie puts focus on individual lives and two young people trying their hardest to make their relationship work.

Varun Tej and Raashi have done a fantastic job in the movie and successfully pass off as high school students in the first few scenes before donning the roles of mature individuals looking to keep their relationship afloat. Varun is a typical poster boy, brash and straight-forward while Raashi is a shy girl, who takes time making decisions and regrets many that she made in the past.

Overall, the movie weaves a sense of magic and belief that no matter what the circumstance, true love always prevails and memories last forever. It is targeted at youngsters finding it difficult to balance out their life and relationships and seeking inspiration. It is a family movie sure to be a hit with children and elders alike!

So, mark your calendars and assemble your family in front of a television screen to watch the super hit movie on Gemini TV or catch Tholi Prema 2018 movie online. Indians who reside outside India will be able to view Tholi Prema full movie online, on Saturday, using Gemini TV online.

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