Top 5 Reality Shows in India 2017

Everybody loves entertainment, and one of the most entertaining show is the Reality Show. Most of Reality Shows has been more watched than the Soap Operas, and majority of Indians used to look forward for the Reality Shows below.

top 5 reality shows


This reality show is adopted from the Big Brother concept. But the participants here includes the famous Indian celebrities. They will be living together in house which has a 24/7 surveillance with no communication to the outside world for several weeks up to months depending on how far they can go through or survive from each challenges or tasks that will be given by the Bigg Boss through Voice over. Bigg Boss Telegu is a type of Survival of the Fittest game. Whoever completes every tasks and survive until the end will win a certain amount of jackpot money.


The show’s concept is based on “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” which came from the UK and is also adopted in the Philippines. The game starts with the ten contestants who will do the “fastest finger first” game, whoever win will play for the million jackpot round. It is composed of series of questions from basic to the most difficult one. You will also be provided with three lifelines, first is what we called “Call a friend” in which you can call any friend or family member to help you in answering the question, next is the “50:50” wherein the system will automatically eliminate the two wrong answers from the choices and finally the “Ask the Audience”. in which you will be able to get the audience’s answer. And if you hit all the questions correct you will be an instant Millionaire.


This Indian Reality Show is a Hindi singing talent show. The interesting part of the show is that this contest is open for every nationality anywhere in the world. The winner would get a jackpot money and the runner up would also get a consolation prize.


This reality show was adopted from the Israel’s very own HaKokhav HaBa which means “The Next Star”. Unlike the other reality singing show, the audience impact from home will help them win as they can also choose their bet just like the judges, through voting real time using the app. And whoever wins the game, he will bring home the jackpot prize and will get a recording contract.


This dance reality show in India is one of the most watched shows in the country.
The show will be competing by the ten celebrity couples dancing on different tune, song, theme and styles. An elimination every week is done. The dancing celebrity pair who will stand out from this reality dancing competition will get the major prize.

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