Watch Super Jodi TV Show Online on Surya TV

Surya TV never ceases to amaze its viewers with exciting programmes. Just like all other programmes, the famous TV station is set to surprise its wide range of viewers on this year’s valentines month with a new reality TV show Super Jodi, which will be featuring real-life couples. The show which has been popularized on various social media platforms is set to take the airwaves by storm as of February 18.

super jodiOnce launched, fans of Surya TV will be able to watch super Jodi tv show online as well as from other digital platforms. This will give them a chance to get a glimpse of the lives of their favorite super Jodi Malayalam actresses accompanied by their husbands. According to an insider, the show revolves around on various fun topics that will keep reality show fans hooked to their television sets.

The hosts of the show will be none other than the ever lively actor as the host and Manikuttan and famous actress Shweta Menon as the super judge. So far the show seems to have captured the attention of curious fans who are anxiously waiting to watch super Jodi tv show live as from 18th February 2018. From there, fans will be able to get access to the show on their television sets as well as online on every Sunday at 9 PM.

The super Jodi tv show has an exclusive fans segment that is aimed at improving the interaction between the hosts, contestants, and spectators. Fans either watching super Jodi tv show online or live, should be set for incredible fun and surprises at the hosts and contestants tear into each other with great revelations about their lives.

The current insider updates indicate that some of the super Jodi Malayalam actresses expected to make an appearance include; Dimple Rose, Nimmy Arun, Parvathy R Krishna, Megha Vincent among others. So if you are up to some real fun this valentines season and beyond, be sure to super Jodi tv show online or watch super Jodi tv show live.

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