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Saheba is an Indian Kannada language romantic action movie which was officially released on 14th January 2016 on Sankranthi festival. The movie has already been screened in Venice, Italy. The movie is a complete entertainer with a touch of romance. saheba is directed by Bharath who has already produced super hit movies like “Kanti”. The film was released on 25 August 2017. It is said that the story of this movie is inspired by the play “Pygmalion” and from its movie version “My fair lady”.

saheba full movie online

Star cast of the movie has the main character Manoranjan Ravichandran, who is also the son of famous Kannada movie director V.Ravichandran. His son followed his legacy and debuted into Sandalwood. Shanvi Srivastava played the heroin to Manoranjan Ravichandran. Other main characters of the movie include Nebha Natesh, Lakshmi, pramila Joshi, bullet Parkash and Kuri Partap.

The story of the movie revolves around Manu (Manoranjan) who is an ordinary man and owns a bookshop. He is a gem of a person as everyone wishes to have a son like him. On the other hand, Nandhini (Shanvi Srivastava) is a college student and her only passion is astrology. She trusts an astrologer and follows his sayings blindly.

When Manu came across Nandhini and got to know about her passion for astrology, he decided to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a star icon. Manu helps herfind her way to success without revealing his own identity. By the time Manu realized his feelings for Nandhini, she was far lost in her own life. Will he be able to confess his feelings to her? Wait for the movie premiere.

Saheba got very good reviews at the box office. People watched this movie in the cinema in a considerable number. Critics gave 3/5 reviews to Saheba.

Intrigued by the cast of the movie and story? Watch out the premiere on this Sunday on one of the popular Kannada TV channels.

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