Watch Raja The Great Telugu Full Movie Online

Raja The Great Telugu Full Movie Online

One of the precious life moments is having your eyes glued to a screen watching your favorite movie. With many movies being released, there are some that stand out from the rest. Raja The Great Telugu movie was a 2017 hit. Produced by Dil Raju and Anil Ravipudi as a director and a scriptwriter, the production part was a win. This movie had a magical acting role portrayed by Ravi Teja and Mahreen Pirzada as main characters. In case you are not thinking about creating time to watch, you won’t have those thoughts again after going through the movie plot below.

Raja The Great
Raja ( Ravi Teja), a blind man carries the day throughout the movie. He takes part in rescuing Lucky (Mahreen Pirzada), a young lady after her life is exposed to endangered by Devaraj, a criminal. After her police officer father is killed by Devaraj, she is the next target. The police force has the responsibility to protect her life. Raja’s mother who is a constable officer, trains him and hopes to see Raja in the police force. She pleads with the police to have Raja as part of Lucky’s security team. He is allowed. Devaraj tries to assassinate Lucky but he is defeated by Raja. Due to many assassination attempts, a plan is made to have Lucky flee the country. However, Raja opposes and opts to have Lucky to stay and protect her. Raja takes down Devaraj’s goons and rescues his mother and Lucky after being kidnapped by Devaraj defeating him leading to his arrest. The film ends with Raja and Lucky getting married and live happily thereafter.
Raja The Great movie will remain as one of the favorites for Telugu fans. The movie was a success evidenced by a 6.7/10 score. How about creating your time and watch Raja The Great telugu full movie online on one of the famous Telugu TV channels? you won’t regret.

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