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Director Arunprabhu Puroshothaman’s debut venture, Aruvi, is a special cocktail of emotions and life ideals presented with unmistakable elan and deft craftsmanship. Featuring Aditi Balan in the title role and Lakshmi Gopalswami along with Shwetha Shekhar, Aruvi, meaning waterfall, is a tsunami of myriad emotions like fun, tears, grudges, angry insights and lonesomeness, all bundled into a very good packaging. This Tamil social drama with its political twerps features the life of Aruvi, an woman who is young and seeks to expose the consumerist mindsets of present day society, while she struggles to find her own in this fast-paced world around her.

The beginning shows Aruvi and Emily being suspected and questioned by Shakeel who questions them about terrorists. When Aruvi’s family are friends are called for questioning, they reveal insights about her growing up years. From being a well-nurtured middle-class girl to being disowned by her family due to some reasons, Aruvi’s life takes a different shape.

After living with a college friend named Jessy, she moves in to a hostel with a transgender woman named Emily, working for an NGO. She takes a loan of a lakh from Arulmani who runs the NGO, goes away and never returns. Aruvi is also seen taking therapy from a swami who is a hypnotic. Emily participates in a reality show, where she reveals that Jessy’s father, Arulmani and the swami have raped Aruvi in the past. Aruvi too reveals all of this to Lakshmi, the host of the reality show.

Aruvi asks the 3 men to apologize on the show, but Lakshmi turns against her. A series of events then unfold on the sets of the reality show including Aruvi pulling out a gun and firing a few shots, In the end, Aruvi and Emily surrender to the police and make one last request to people to learn from her life through Facebook.

The film garnered massive critical acclaim and mass positive audience reviews. Viewers were stunned by the writing, the cinematography, the performances of the lead characters and also the ease at which complicated relationships were handled with humor and subtlety. The film ran to house-full shows for several weeks all across Tamil Nadu and was very keenly followed on YouTube as well. Twitter users showered a lot of praise on the debut director and the lead actors of the film.

Those who missed the film in the theaters in 2017 can now watch Aruvi full movie again as the World Television Premiere of Aruvi is coming really soon onĀ one of the popular Tamil TV Channels

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