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The advent of the internet has really had a very positive impact on the growth of the entertainment industry. The internet provides to us a whole lot of different types of entertainment that can virtually be accessed from anywhere.

One of those entertainment channels that has benefited and continue to benefit from the online audience is amrita tv online. The Indian TV channel which provides general entertainment was launched in 2005 and it broadcasts in the Malayalam language. In addition, the amrita tv Malayalam is operated 24 hours.

There is a number of entertaining programs that amrita tv live offers to its viewers. For example, there is the Lal Salam which is a popular talk show hosted by both MeeraNandan and Mohanlal. The talk show happens from 8:00 pm IST, Friday to Saturday. There is also another well-liked program called SWARNACHAMARAM, of course for the music lovers. The music show happens from 07:30 am IST every Saturday and it is hosted by Krishnachandran.

In addition, there is also a popular serial called Aliyan v/s Aliyan which is loved by many. The serial happens from 8:30 pm IST, Monday to Friday. There are also a number of other serials available, apart from other shows and NEWS offered by the channel.

Amrita tv Malayalam can be accessed from a number of platforms such as through satellite, Cable, IPTV and streaming media. There are two main cable companies that offer the content of the TV channel, which is Kerala Vision Digital TV and Asianet Digital. For IPTV, amrita tv online is available through many IPTV providers .The other option of course that is greatly preferred is live streaming though

Because of the presence of the channel even in online platforms, even Malayalis who are abroad can be able to access amrita tv live streaming. We all know how a number of Malayali people can be found around the world. That is, it is possible to access the entertainment channel in Asia, America, Middle East, Europe and Australia and in other places. All you need is to have is an internet enabled devices such as a laptop, smartphone or a tablet and have a reliable internet connection and you are ready to enjoy amrita tv live.

In conclusion, because of this global audience Amrita TV live has, it has been able to be honored with about 65 State Awards for its excellence in entertainment. These awards apart from cementing its reputation, has also furthered the reputation of the channel. And please do enjoy the pure entertainment offered throughout the day and night.

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