Top Detective Serials On Star Plus

We know that everybody loves to watch high-quality movies and detective serials are some of those movies that keep you in front of your TV. In order to help you choose the best detective serials, we would like to invite you to discover which those best detective serials on Star Plus are. Star Plus is one of the most important television channels in India for general entertainment. So, if you love detective serials, on Star Plus you may enjoy these detective serials in Hindi.

Few words about Star Plus

As we have mentioned above, Star Plus is considered one of the top television channels in India. This channel is part of the network of 21st Century Fox’s Star India and it delivers a wide range of TV shows and movies, such as comedies, dramas, reality shows or films for young people. One of the most appreciated types of movies that run on Star Plus are the detective serials in Hindi. In the following sections of this post you can discover the top detective serials on Star Plus.

detective serials on star plus

Private Investigator TV Series

One of the most appreciated detective serials on Star Plus is “Private Investigator”. These detective serials have been released in 2014 and it is produced by Fremantle Media India. One movie is running for 45 minutes.

The plot of “Private Investigator” is developed around the 21 years old Raffe Roy Choudhary. This young guy is a student at the Criminology department and being in his first year of study, he was feeling excited about the crimes that happened in his surroundings. Raffe has some extra skills in solving criminal cases due to its natural instincts those help him to understand better the crime scene. Based on his native instincts, he is able to discover details than other police officers are not able to see. This is a captivating movie that will keep you in front of your TV while Raffe is trying to solve the crimes of the police department.

Saboot TV Series

Another great detective series on Star Plus was released during 1998 and 1999, namely Saboot. This detective series has been written by Mitali Bhattacharya and the company that produces this movie is Cinevistaas.

As for the plot of Saboot TV Series, this a little bit different. It means that the plot is not focused on the character that is guilty of the crimes that happened in the TV series, but it is focused on how the crimes are done. The lead role is played by Anita Kanwar, which is returning after a break of six years by playing the role of the Chief of Homicide and CBI officer. This TV series is the first one having a female as a detective on Hindi television.

These are two of the best detective serials on Star Plus and we are sure that if you love detective serials in Hindi, you have seen them already. Another great detective series that has run on Star Plus is “RemingtonSteele”, which has ended in 1993. Star Plus is about to release new excellent detective serials in Hindi and due to this we invite you to stay close to this great television channel.

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