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With a population exceeding billions; India is one such country where regional languages are given utmost priority. However, the national language; Hindi has been circulated all over the country through means of primary education and the media. Hindi TV channels, newspapers and also the act making Hindi a compulsory academic vernacular subject across most schools in the country has ignited passion among the Hindi-speaking mob for the development of this language.

Barriers were trimmed when the media started to incorporate the language in TV shows and also TV commercials. Going forward Hindi TV serials became so popular that the nation started depending on these soaps as their only source of entertainment after a bad day at work and also for kids after a bad day at school.

children's tv serials hindi

Stated below are 5 such kids TV shows which has left a positive imprint on young brains:

1) Chhota-Bheem is one such TV show which has amazed kids across the nation. Most kids relate themselves to this fictional young character named Bheem from Dholakpur who along with his friends has devoted their lives to protect Raja Indraverma, the king of Dholakpur from external forces.

2) Another TV show stunning children all over the country is “Little Krishna” that narrates the early life of the mythical Hindu god Krishna and his doings as an infant deity. The detailed 3D animations have also drawn the attention of many anime-lovers irrespective of their age.

3)The Indian rendition of a popular American show “Sesame Street” named “Galli Galli Sim Sim” caught the child-audience by storm as well. The incorporation of a lot of characters; draped mostly as puppets and muppets also proved to be an intriguing flick of the new era.

4)”Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo” is one TV show combining fantasy and reality which has the ghost of a vendor as the protagonist. The story revolving around good deeds which the ghost needs to commit in order to go to heaven definitely boosts the morals and values of the lot watching the show.

5)A detective show named “Cambala Investigation Agency” portrays the lives of five children whose unearthly talents aid in the solution of crimes across the fictional city of Cambala. Earlier, a joint family used to get together at the dinner table whereas things are slightly different now.

Nowadays a TV soap brings a family together, curbing any kind of disputes and brawls among siblings as well. Isn’t it an astonishing sight to see kids glued to the television without indulging in mischief and vandalism?

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