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Super 30 revolves around a plot with cringe-worthy acting by Hrithik Roshan. Super 30 is based on a real-life story of Anand Kumar, an Indian Mathematician, who put all his efforts to uplift the hidden talent from the economically weaker section. This movie depicts the journey of how Anand Kumar started an institute, the Ramanujam School of Mathematics (RSM), for under-privileged children with hope for them to excel in their careers In 1992, Anand rented a room for Rs 500 a month to teach students.

Anand Kumar was motivated to come up with Super 30 when a poor student showed up who was seeking coaching to get admission in IIT. Then in 2003, RSM started to hold a tough competitive exam to select 30 students for “Super 30” scheme. The story revolves around the hardships and impeccable preparation of such batches. For those selected 30 outstanding students, he put all his efforts to make sure they make it to IIT. And Super 30 batches are known to make their way to IITs and leave a mark on it. That’s how “Super 30” scheme gained popularity and respect nationwide.

This honor is not limited to India, even professors from other countries have appreciated the efforts of Anand Kumar Super 30 movie online is an inspirational movie for every demographics. Anand Kumar’s main motive was to ensure that a student must be handicapped by the family’s financial and his pure motivation drove him to leave an impact on under-privileged hardworking students.

Hrithik Roshan has played the role of Anand Kumar impeccably and added a tinge of reality to it. His performance has made an impact across the nation and deserves a “must-watch”. Not only it targets students who are preparing for any entrances, but also to budding innovators and creators. This movie has managed to demonstrate the past of Anand Kumar to his success. Despite all the hardships and struggle he has been through, he stayed focused towards the education of those selected students and became successful when each one of those 30 students cracked the exam. He had the option to earn lot of money out of his skills but he prioritized his principles to improve the lives of these students and pushed those students towards making their dreams come true. A movie with such a strong and inspiring plot is worth a shot and a must-watch. Star Plus will be premiering Super 30 on 5th October as the story deserves to be known.

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