Television Premiere Kesari Full Movie Online on ZEE Cinema

Kesari is a movie depicting bravery at its highest; the story follows the events leading up to the Battle of Saragarhi, a battle fought between just 21 Sikh soldiers against around 10,000 tribesmen of Afghanistan in 1897, and has been deemed one of the most valiant and daring battles in military history.

The leader of the Sikh Empire at the time, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, built many forts along the Afghanistan border in order to protect his kingdom and his people, in the region of the north and northwest India. The tribesmen of Afghanistan caused many uprisings in these areas in an attempt to take the land, but it was never an easy task against the fiercely heroic Sikh soldiers.

The writer and director of the movie, Anurag Singh, has portrayed the story onscreen with such utter brilliance that he makes you feel the emotions and adrenalin as if you are in the movie yourself, it is a remarkable high action production and easy to see why it has been so successful with moviegoers.

The lead actor is Akshay Kumar, who portrays Havildar Ishar Singh, his praiseworthy performance makes this movie unforgettable, he truly commands the screen, and his ability to play such a strong and complex character in such an effortless manner shows once again, he is the perfect choice as the leading man.

There is also an appearance by Parineeti Chopra, and while she only has a small amount of screen time, she showcases her acting talents well.

It is a movie that is certainly worth watching; it is a spectacular story, one that deserves to be recognized in all its glory, and Kesari does it with such accuracy that after watching it, you will feel like you want to tell everyone about it.

Don’t worry if you missed it the first time around, anyone wanting to watch it, or watch it again, can do so on August 15th on Zee Cinema, so be sure to set yourself a reminder, you don’t want to miss it.

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