Television Premiere Ismart Shankar Full Movie Online

‘Maar Muntha, Chod Chintha’. Familiar with this dialogue? This dialogue splendidly typifies the movies hit and widely praised sci-fi film ‘Ismart Shankar’. Famous director Puri Jagannadh who made super hits like Pokiri and Idiot, recounts to the tale of ‘Ismart Shankar’ in a perplexing way, giving the watchers a chance to believe that they know.

Ismart Shankar(Ram) is an insane agreement killer who murders a prominent legislator. Cops start pursuing him and Shankar escapes with his girlfriend(Nabha Natesh). Then again, Arun (Satyadev) is a cop who is dealing with a similar case. Exactly when he is going to grab the real guilty party behind the homicide, he gets executed. In an insane new development, the cops move Arun’s memory to Shankar. What is this entire memory issue? What has Ismart Shankar to do with it? That structures the remainder of the story.

You can’t imagine other than RamĀ  for the job of Ismart Shankar. Ram’s change is mind blowing and Puri features him in an at no other time seen way. Be it his dialogue conveyance, moves or mass screen nearness, Ram is a delight to watch on screen and is truly adorable in his job.

Nabha Natesh is noteworthy as Chandni and gives magnificent sight to behold to the majority. Her chemistry with Ram is additionally great as she did well in her constrained screen nearness. Niddhi Agarwal gets a decent job and puts forth a valiant effort in the film. Ashish Vidhyarthi is slick as was Satyadev as the cop.

The film has full on business components which will be adored by the majority. The lead pair’s exchanges, tunes and charm remainder, Puri is right on the money with these variables. Ram makes great satire with his peculiarities and action. The first half is better than average and the interval blast of memory move is acquired well.

Those who didn’t watch the movie in theaters can watch the Ismart Shankar full movie online on Zee Cinema 13th October 2019.

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