Television Premiere Hello Guru Prema Kosame on Star Maa

Hello Guru Prema Kosame on Star Maa

From the director Trinadha Nakkina, the movie Hello Guru Prema Kosame explores the intricacies of love in a humorous and realistic storytelling. This romantic comedy brings in stars such as Ram Pothineni, Pranitha Subhash, Anupama and Prakash Raj.

Ram plays the role of Sanju, a young man with IT skills, who moves from Kakinada to Hyderabad for a prospective job. Moving to a new town he lives with a family friend Vishwanath (Prakash) with whom he strikes a fun bond despite the age difference. However, as fate would have it he falls for Vishwanath’s daughter, Anupama and this unravels in a comedic family and romance entertainment.

This 145-minute movie also explores the sentiments of middle-class youth who have to find ways to sustain themselves in an ever-changing society. This mostly involves moving out of their homes to ‘scary’ bigger towns for better opportunities. Sanju’s circumstance though portrayed in an amusing way is no different. Vishwanath has relatively made it and he houses Sanju as he tries to get his footing.
The attraction between Sanju and Anupama sets the stage for a comedic clash of the two unlikely friends. The generational gap between Sanju and Vishwanath unveils itself as the father tries to be a father and a friend at the same time. Will he strive to protect his daughter from the promising but poor young man or should he bless the union blossoming under his roof?
The movie has been received with good reviews especially for its portrayal of emotions and realities in a lighthearted way. Prakash, a veteran actor, was also applauded for his role and his usual hilarious delivery of serious matters. Ram and Anupama are also acclaimed to be rising stars in the comedic genre. Tune in and watch hello guru prema kosame movie online and see this clash of male egos. Indians outside the country can watch it online this Sunday via Star Maa.

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