Television Premiere Chhichhore Full Movie Coming Soon

The newest Bollywood drama Chhichhore will premiere in India on Starplus on Sunday, the 24th of November, hoping to match the success of box-office hit, ‘Dangal’. The walk on the memory lane, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, brought the cast together in an attempt to reminiscence college days. The story brings to life the memories of a group of friends as their day to day life struggles are taking over.

The superb storyline is a perfect mix of storytelling and action with great empathy and emotion which opened to a good response from the audiences.

Anirudh (Rajput) and Maya (Kapoor) are facing a delicate situation when their teenage son, Raghav, suffering from massive anxiety, fails a suicide attempt. Feeling the constant pressure of making his parents proud of him, Raghav has allocated 18 hours a day for many months, preparing for the Indian engineering entrance exams. This leaves him exhausted, depressed and with a fragile mental state. Following the doctor’s recommendations, Anirudh makes his son part of his good old days of college, accompanied by his lifelong friends. He is hoping that his bittersweet memories will help inflect into his son the will to leave, regardless of life’s obstacles.

Varun Sharna received great reviews from critics and together with the other members of the cast, Shushant, Shraddha, Prateik, Tahir, Naveen, Tushar and Saharsh bring to life flowing storytelling. Every single character chronicles their personal experience and bring on the table life advice, without being preachy.

The team of writers perfectly balanced nostalgia with some feel-good moments reflected by frat-boy jokes, exuberant little stories and hilarious reminiscences. With the risk of being predictable, the team of writers manages to successfully keep the audience engaged to the end.

The narrative gravitates around the overarching theme of the movie, namely that setbacks are only challenges in disguise.

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