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Taxiwaala Full Movie Online:

Taxiwaala is a story-inspired movie that centers on a jobless youth who’s trying to raise money to sustain his pregnant wife and his younger brother. Vijay Deverakonda is the main character who plays Shiva and whom the story revolves as he engages the every-day life. The movie was produced by SKN and directed by Rahul Sakrityan.

The other supporting characters in the movie are Priyanka ( Shiva’s girlfriend), Malavika Nayar and Sijju. Jakes Bejoy’s Music played in the movie is impressive and has such a captivating background.

The story surrounds a jobless Shiva who buys a vintage car and soon he becomes a renowned cab driver. The ride is, however, not that good as he soon realizes that the car is haunted. What follows is the struggle Shiva goes through as soon as the car turns to be a ghost at certain unpredictable occasions.

There’s an infusion of science and several flashbacks of astral projections that make the screenplay complete and unique. The aspect of humor has also been incorporated at strategic scenes which tries to shape up the whole story and bring out a clear message packed with relevant emotions.

As far as most viewers are satisfied with the story line and the motion pictures that accompany the well sort-after actors critics never take a break. The film has a good flow until the second half where the narrative seems to have taken a different course. The drag can, however, be understood due to the long flashback sequences. Vijay Deverakonda’s comic timing and professional acting make the movie a stand out even in the sight of critics. With that said, this movie is worth the ride.

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