Star Maa Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Day 32 | Episode 33 | 12 July 2018

 Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Day 32 Episode 33 July 12 2018

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss, Tanish locks the main entrance so that all the devil team stays inside. Geetha wanted to use the Captain’s washroom since the main door was locked and they both argued about rules. Tanish, Tejaswi and Sunaina remained in the garden area, when Roll Rida from Good team enters Garden area Tanish and Roll tried to lock Tejaswi in jail but fails.

Kaushal, Deepthi came to know that apples are hidden in hall, when Deepthi tried to enter the hall, all the devil team members tried to stop her and Kaushal helped her to get in. Kaushal argued with devil team to play safe and don’t hurt anyone. Samrat and Kaushal had a debate on the same.

Team evil tried to imprison Sunaina but failed because Good team was there to help her. Bhanu and Ganesh spotted Roll Rida alone outside and they locked the main door to block good team to get into garden area. Meanwhile Roll Rida ran to washroom and locked himself. Tanish tried to remove the door handle and he succeeded, team Good entered the garden area.

Team evil tried to lock Kaushal and Deepthi inside the jail but failed. Kaushal tried to snatch the apple from Bhanu and she felt annoyed by him touching her inappropriately. Tejaswi took Bhanu’s side and they both got furious on Kaushal, whereas he tried to defend himself. He said he didn’t do it on purpose and said sorry. Bhanu and Tejaswi calls him cheap and thrown the apples on him.

Meanwhile Geetha from the Devil team intervened and says it is not good to judge the person’s character over a game. She tells Bhanu to not spoil his character to win the game, Bhanu & Tejaswi got angry on Geetha too but Geetha asked them to let go of  it and she says she saw everything that happened. Babu felt hiding apples in costumes is making the game hard to play. Bhanu reported to Bigg Boss about the incident and Geetha also reported to Bigg Boss that Kaushal is being framed and she also mentioned that she don’t want to play the game anymore but she will remain in the team.

Bigg Boss announced that team evil won the task with 2 points over team good. Babu Gogineni appreciated Geetha for taking the truth side. Bigg Boss ordered Kaushal to imprison the worst player of the task, he chose Bhanu for blaming him unnecessarily and put her in jail

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