Star Maa Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Day 31 | Episode 32 | 11 July 2018

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 2, Amit, Samrat and Tejaswi felt the behavior change in Roll Rida, Nandini and Deepthi. In the second part of Evil vs Good task, a tree was placed in garden area with bunch of Red and Black apples on the tree. Team good has to protect their red apples from the team Evil and team Evil has to protect their black apples from team Good. In the end, team with the maximum number of Apples will win, also each team has to imprison one person from the opponent team to get additional points.

When buzzer goes both the teams started plucking each other team’s apples. Team evil tried to jail Tanish and Kaushal but failed. Roll Rida and Bhanu had an argument over forcing Tanish into jail, later they sorted out the fight. Tejaswi got an opportunity to push Deepthi into jail but she fell down as a part of self-defense. Both the teams collected as many apples as they could.

Roll rida, Tanish, Sunaina and Babu had a chat about Nominations. Babu said he will nominate Tanish and he also mentioned he has no intention to be captain of the house. Over a chat with Babu Tanish says that he felt betrayed by Bhanu’s actions, he said he can’t trust her anymore. He also felt that it might be Tejaswi’s idea

Samrat and Tejaswi thought Tanish is acting strange, Samrat felt that Tanish is protecting Sunaina which is a good thing but  he wondered what will he do when he has to play against her. Tejaswi felt bad about Nandini and Tanish’s behavior, she says that they took Bhanu’s prank personally. Everybody in the house senses the change in Tanish behavior.

Tanish questioned Nandini why she is cleaning the house knowing the fact that team Evil will ruin it again. He felt that they (Tejaswi, Bhanu) are unnecessarily ruining the house. Meanwhile Bigg Boss announces both the teams have to continue Good vs Evil task. Bigg Boss also mentioned team Evil are ahead of team Good by destroying the three lotus flowers.

Babu Gogineni cut a deal with Team evil that they should not touch their red apples so he voluntarily go to the jail. Team Evil agreed to the terms, when Babu approaches Tanish with the deal, he refused to do it  and gave up on task because he felt his team not supporting him anymore. Tejaswi argued with Babu over the deal, both the teams halted the task for a while, but later Geetha Madhuri felt bad for breaking the deal and continued to do her task (plucking red apples). Bhanu thought this game is getting lot more personal and serious.

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