Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta’s Showdown

Bigg Boss season 11 is a very famous Tv show that is so popular in India. The format used was discovered in Netherlands from the reality show Big Brother. Bigg Boss season 11 contestants are also called housemates. The Big Boss house is well furnished and has a swimming pool, kitchen, big garden, activity area and two bedrooms. The housemates are isolated from the world and locked in their house which is connected with cameras. It is a captivating season as the house is built each year away from Mumbai. Each week nominations are held for the contestant to be evicted. This season is so high that the housemates who receive many votes are nominated. After the contestants are chosen they appeal the public to ensure they vote for them to stay safe. In this season, the contestant who acquires the least public votes they are evicted from the reality show. Based on the votes cast by the public the finalists are selected, and they are the final contestants of the show. shilpa shinde and vikas gupta’s showdown on the first day is a quite surprising.

shila shinde vs vikas gupta

Due to the excitement of joining Bigg Boss 11, the contestants engaged in fights in the Bigg Boss 11 house just to relieve themselves tiredness on the first day. The arguments and first-day tussle showed that these seasons would be more dramatic compared to the previous seasons. The housemates began with interacting with each other later there were few glimpses of a fight between Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. In the morning Vikas fought with the lady to a point he started calling the man names that she is mentally challenged and psychic. The housemates had to cool them off by then Shilpa was crying.

Bhabhi ji also was known as Shilpa Shinde never cowed down her controversies faces. She featured Bigg Boss season 11 where she showed strength in reality shows. Shilpa shide began off by challenging Salman khaachaars where the task was to sample many pickles and sort them out. Salman got the first one wrong, and he opted to sort out more whereas he hated all of them. Later the two posed for some selfies.

Vikas Gupta who previously worked with Shilpa shide in a show later Shilpa objected to the exclusivity clause in the contract where she complained of being mentally tortured on the show, and eventually, later she quit the show. Above all, Shilpa Shide filed a FIR against, Sanjay Kohli, the show’s producer where she accused him of sexual harassment. Vikas, the programming head of channel told Shide had a complicated past. The producer and Shilpa Shide had to work their in-differences together to ensure the show would not shut down. Shilpa was also threatened to comply with the channel demands or leave. The upcoming episodes will be so exciting and may reveal more of what Shilpa Shide went through in her past.

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