RX 100 Full Movie Online on Star Maa TV

RX 100 is the story of Shiva and Indu played by Karthikeya and Payal. This is a love story based in a village of Godavari. When city-bred girl Indu comes home she come across the handsome village guy Shiva, later she falls for him and conveys the same to him. Within no time they became inseparable.

Shiva urges Payal to talk with her father Vishwanath about marriage who is a village head, but Payal feels the same about Shiva? Does she love him same as he does? There comes the twist in the story. Some unfortunate things happen and the couple gets separated.

What  do you think might have happened? Is it the girl’s father or the girl herself who broke the heart of Shiva. Later shiva finds out that Indu is getting married to someone else and he tries to stop it. But Vishwanath’s goons stop him and locks him in a room for sometime.

What happens next is the thrilling part of the story. Payal Rajput and Rao Ramesh did a fantastic job with their amazing performances. Karthikeya on the other hand is the perfect match for the character. RX  100 is a movie contains action, romance, thrill and emotions.

You can watch this romantic action movie on Star Maa 31st Aug. Fans who missed this movie in theaters can watch again on Star Maa TV

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