Robo 2.0 Full Movie Online on ZEE Cinema

Bollywood audience know that Robo 2.0 is worth the watch. There is a lot to like about that movie, from the various creativity put onto the characters and their build up in the story, to the beautiful cinematography and visual effect presented throughout the movie. The movie really took its course of time in developing the characters, especially the villain. which is something that built a certain connection between the audience and the characters.

This is a Sci-Fi action movie that invested in all the aspects of a successful picture. Clear and focused message, fully crafting characters, video effects, and smart casting.

Akshay Kumar’s performance was world-class. He plays an ornithologist who operated a bird sanctuary, protesting excessive use of mobile phones. Rajinikanth on the other hand, plays three different characters. Vaseegaran, a scientist who created a very sophisticated robot to commission it to the Indian army. Chitti, an advanced “andro-humanoid” robot. And Kutti, a microbot created by Chitti. And the list goes on and on.

Visual effects is one of the best, so far, in Indian cinema. S.Shankar got really creative and offered some very interesting visuals. Making it an impressive, thrilling and an emotional roller-coaster ride.

This movie is not only for the sci-fi gurus out there, but generally, it’s a must watch movie if you’re into movies all together. If you have not watched it yet, you’re in luck. As it will premiere this month on Zee cinema. Prepare yourself for a very entertaining ride full of imagination and excitement.

So, get you popcorn ready, hold your breathe for some speechless moments, and watch robo 2.0 movie as it premiers for the first time on April, 20th on Zee cinema and you will not regret it.

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