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Powervision TV is an Indian television channel provider that focuses on airing Christian content across the world. Although it’s an Indian channel, it offers services to other parts of the world such as United States, Australia, Europe and some countries in Asia in the Malayalam language. Some of the programs aired on this channel include a light to the lives, akshara lokam, albums, SisterJoyce Abraham, arise and shine and blessed living among others. All the programs are schedules in a way that ensures there’s no break in between thus providing entertainment and soul enriching gospel to the viewers.

Those who travel abroad in search of better lives always find it hard to adapt to their new surroundings. In most cases those who work in other countries that aren’t their places of origin try to find anything that reminds them of their homes that they can hold on to. One of the most missed items is the local broadcasts. With this in mind, powervision TV gives all malayalis abroad some relief by giving them programs they enjoy in their language. The best part is that the channel can be viewed online without the need for a decoder.

Powervision TV live gives viewers the convenience of accessing their favorite programs with just one device whether it’s a computer or a mobile phone. Other than the internet costs, no additional costs is required for the powervision TV online streaming. The television owners rely on donations from well-wishers and other forms of collecting revenue like advertising to raise the funds they need, giving added relief to the customer. Even so, the interruptions between programs is limited so viewer can watch a full program until the end. In addition to all this, watching the channel live is the best option since it doesn’t restrict someone to one location. You can watch even when on the move to run your errands.

Powervision TV Malayalam is one of its kind, founded with the aim of not just entertaining, but also empowering and educating viewers. This makes it suitable for all age groups and parents can watch with their children without having to worry about inappropriate material coming on, thus having a family bonding moment. One of the programs offered gives viewers a chance to make a prayer request no matter where they are. This is a source of help to many people who face challenges but don’t have anyone to talk to but believe in the power of prayer. With all these benefits, any malayalis abroad should start watching this channel online.

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