Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari Tamil TV Show Online


Entertainment is a necessity in the lives of humans.You cannot stay without some form of entertainment. You must entertain yourself in order to awaken the joy and happiness within your heart. There are many ways in which you can derive pleasure from entertainment. Some may choose to watch movies, others TV shows,playing games, reading, writing among others. However,the most cheap and simple form of entertainment is offered by TV shows. For Tamil lovers, here is the good news, a new wonderful, lovely and interesting show is coming live on Zee Tamil TV. I am referring to none other than Oru oorla oru rajakumari serial. It is a great serial that will be aired on Zee Tamil TV right from 23 April 2018. It will be an Amazing daily entertainer for you as it will telecasted every weeknight from 9:30 to 10:00 PM. Lets me give you a brief plot of the story behind Oru oorla oru rajakumari show.

oru oorla oru rajakumari

Oru oorla oru rajakumari is a story of young and kindhearted girl by the name Rasathi, who was quite popular and proficient in playing the traditional game Kabaddi. In spite of that,she was so much shamed for her complexion. And much worse, her mother Senbakavali was worried about her destiny, because she thought that her daughter would never be married due to her appearance. Shockingly, Rasathi find the love of her life and got married. She was married by a renown Kabaddi player called Iniyani. What a beautiful and intriguing story! The rest of the story is about how she wins the heart of her husband. I wish you do not miss to watch this.

Remember, oru oorla oru rajakumari TV show online caters for all those Indians living abroad. You can simply tune in to Zee Tamil Live over the internet and watch oru oorla oru rajakumari online regardless of where you are.

The following are the most funny and entertaining actors that will give you the ultimate joy and experience throughout the serial. We have Ashwini who acts as Rasathi, Sabitha Anand who acts as Senbakavalli, Vasanth who acts as Iniyani, Subathira and Kovai Babu. The show is produced by Joni films and is directed by one R. Devendran.

Wow!This is going to be amazing. Oorla oru rajakumari TV show is going to be the best entertainment that ends your day in style. Do not miss to be part of this, it is a Serial that you cannot afford to miss. I hope you will enjoy.

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