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Valentines day is a special day for people who can feel and express love.To bring an increment in its value Vijay TV(star vijay) is presenting OK Kanmani on this valentines day(14 feburary 2018). The movie was a hit from Mani Ratnam and is a special gift for the lovers by vijay tv.

ok kanmani

O Kadhal Kanmani is a romantic tamil movie which was released in 2015. The producer and director of this great movie is Mani Ratnam who is one of the greats in the respective fields.

A special feature of this love and romance kind of movie is its talented and beautiful cast. The leading role in the movie is played by the Dilquerr and Nithya. The story of the movie is romantic in which the couple fall in love with each other and then a situation comes when they have to decide either to separate or to get marry and there are thriller and critical scenes that could also make one cry. OK Kanmani is only 138 mintutes movie and the audience enjoys each and every second of it. The reviews given by the audience are more than 85% positive. Although the budget of the movie was only 6 crore but the story,direction,and acting has made it a super hit Tamil movie.

Another thing that gives it more importance is the music by Oscar award winner A.R.Rehman. The music of the movie is exceptional and playback is also captivating for the eve of the Valentines day. The lovers are going to enjoy the scenes and the direction and the emotional scenes along with the relevant music will make them crazy. They will enjoy every moment of it and the love scenes will last long as a beautiful memory.

So, don’t forget to watch Ok Kanmani Tamil Full HD Movie Online via Vijay TV. The movie was a 2015 hit with a very positive review from audience and appreciation all over India

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