Kerala Floods 2018 Live Updates: Rain Eased Up

The southwestern part of India has been facing a massive issue of flooding lately. The kerala floods of 2018 took a massive toll on the area. Those reporting about the Kerala floods live online report that currently, over one million people are now sheltered in the 3,274 relief camps found in Kerala, the rains killed a whopping total of 361 people. However, despite this, the rainfall in the area has been decreasing recently.

There have also been even more provisions landing near Kerala, giving much-needed food and service to the people who at this point are in dire need. Rescue operations are being funded by the Indian government, these are mostly made up of trained professionals, driving inflatable boats. These boats are specially designed for operations like these, people need just get into them from the water and be saved from the majority of the Kerala floods’ more adverse effects. In so far, the Indian army has managed to rescue an amazing total of 10629 civilians, with more relief materials arriving at Cochin airport recently, all Kerala now needs according to the Indian Prime Minister is more nurses, doctors as well as other emergency personnel as well as food.

For those of us that are quite kind-hearted, empathetic and the like, it may be a need, or perhaps even a duty as part of humankind to help out the people currently affected by the Kerala floods. In order to do this you can do one of two things:

1. Donate money, you can donate money directly to CM’s distress relief fund which will put it to the best possible use in helping the affected victims here or you can also do via online applications like Paytm, Amazon etc which are connected with Distress Relief Fund.

2. Donate food, which might even be the better way and can be done through so many online applications which are directly connected with Distress Relief Fund. We urge you to do this, as the people of Kerala currently depend mostly on donation when it comes to their food needs.

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