India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2018 Live | IND vs PAK

So far, the Asian Cup 2018 tournament has been nothing but a blockbuster. Sunday’s India vs Pakistan game did not end as projected. Cricket fans all over the world expected the two sides to be on each other’s neck. That was not the case. The one-sided game saw India earn bragging rights by crushing their opponents by 8 wickets.

India’s captain attributed their win to his team’s discipline right from the start of the game. India’s bowling unit did tremendously well under extreme pressure, a positive element crucial for any team with a winning mentality. India took advantage of every golden moment that came their way at the openers for they knew that a single wicket was enough to make the difference.

With India’s Hardik Pandya injured, all-around Kedar Jadhav stepped up and made amazing runs that had a huge impact on the result of the game. Pakistan defeat was a wake-up call and they have the chance to seek revenge on 23rd September. It’s pretty clear that beating the defending champions will be an uphill task, and for them to come out victorious, they will have to change their tactics and step up their game. They have to work on their middle order as well as their bowling unit and spinners. Pakistan know that to outclass their opponents, they have to give it their all to come out strongly at the openers. They are also aware of the threat that Bhuvneshwar Kumar poses and they will have to watch him closely to neutralize him, especially at the lines and lengths.

The IND vs PAK live game will be streaming on YuppTV platform for cricket fans in Australia, New Zealand and continental Europe. The chances of India winning their upcoming game against Pakistan are quite high. Although its a tough call, statistics show that the odds are in favor of India. History shows that Pakistan will be a hard nut to crack and the team is not to be undermined for they have a tendency of making comebacks that change the course of tournaments. India vs Pakistan live streaming will be available on 23rd September, 11:30 GMT and 5:00 PM IST.

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