Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania Full Hindi Movie Online

Humpty Sharma ki dulhania is a 2014 Romantic comedy Film in Hindi. This humorous film was written by Shashank Khaitan who is also the director. The producer of this film is Karan Johar. The lead roles are Varun Dhawan who plays Humpty Sharma and Alia Bhatt who plays Kavya Singh Paratap. The movie was released in July of 2014. It rose to success becoming a box office favorite.
humpty sharma ki dulhania

The Star cast Varun Dhawan is a famous Indian actor born on the 24th of April 1987. He is the son of the also renowned film director David Dhawan. As far as education goes, Varun studied in Nottingham Trent University where he pursued business management. After school, he worked beneath Karan Johar as an assistant director in the 2010 movie drama My Name Is Khan. His acting debut took place in 2012 where he featured in the favorite romantic comedy film Student of the year. From this film, Varun got to receive a Filmfare nomination for the Best Male Debut.

Humpty Sharma ki dulhania full movie revolves around a story of two spoilt brats who meet when purchasing an expensive skirt. The occurrence starts the dawn of a thrilling romance in the shadow of Kavyas arranged marriage. Kavya heads on to Delhi for marriage shopping where she gets to meet the carefree Humpty. Humpty’s father is the owner of a campus bookstore where Humpty hangs out with his best friends.

Kavya is initially uninterested in Humpty making her endearing to him. Being from Delhi, Humpty does not give up easily. With the help of his two friends, Poplu and Shonty, Humpty gets to find out more about his new crush. In interesting an turn of events the two, Humpty and Kavya grow more fond of each other. They get to spend time with each other, and the Love-hate relationship grows. Their relationship reveals unexplainable Chemistry. Their spurge of life brings them together.

As per Kavyas initial plan, she has to head back home because her strict father would never approve her to be married to Humpty. Even though the two main characters were not in the pursuit of love, it happens. Humpty decides to go after Kavya. It is a journey that he never anticipated in his dreams, but against all the odds, the brave lad convinces Kayla’s family. This film involves an exciting turn of events in the pursuit of love.

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