Best Things To Watch On Hindi Suspense Serials

The best Hindi suspense serials consist of fast-paced action scenes, dramatic events, light-hearted humor and always with some romance involved. And as with all Hindi serials, there’s never a lack in singing and dancing, whether it’s melancholic crooning on the tragedies of love or breaking out in the upbeat choreography of joyous celebrations.

hindi suspense serials Why people love Hindi Suspense Serials 

It’s amazing how Hindi suspense serials manage to pack so many elements into one series. From Michael Bay equivalent explosions to hilarious acting that gets you clutching your sides, there’s never a dull moment in Hindi suspense serials. If you haven’t had a taste of it, these are what you would expect to find in Hindi suspense serials, and sometimes, it all happens in one episode.

Mind-blowing action

If you think Hollywood has sensational action scenes, you haven’t seen action in a Hindi suspense serial. A car chase can sometimes lead to vehicles flipping three stories high, rolling five times in midair, then landing perfectly without a scratch and fully functional as demonstrated by the main lead driving right off unhesitantly. It can sometimes get a little insane, but that’s the whole point of watching TV isn’t it? It feeds our fantasy and does not have to be rational. Writers of Hindi suspense serials are experts in that area.


Hindi love a good laugh and the best Hindi suspense serials will definitely give you that. Whether it’s exaggerated acting or impossible events unfolding, amidst the intense mystery and suspense, some comic relief will be thrown in for good measure.

Dance and music

Never mind how a huge group of professional dancers suddenly appears out of nowhere, Hindi suspense serials are essentially musicals too. The songs and dances are expertly choreographed to fit the theme of the scene, and are usually done to convey a certain emotion, mood or intensity of the situation, such as flirting, celebrating or getting into a challenge. With a combination of traditional and modern dance moves, high-pitched singing voices and brightly-colored costumes, these scenes are part of what makes Hindi suspense serials good.


Of course, romance is never lacking from Hindi suspense serials. While mysterious incidents keep you on your toes, love themes soften the scenes and give another angle to the story. Romance is never subtle as well. Expect crazy, outrageous love that’s sometimes blown out of proportion. But for some reason, you can’t peel your eyes away from the screen.

You would come back for more

Whether you’re in for the mystery, action-packed scenes or just want to kick back with some drama, Hindi suspense serials offer them all and will keep you highly entertained. Try watching one of the best Hindi suspense serials recommended and you’ll see why it’s so popular!

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