Brochevarevarura Telugu Full Movie Online | Brochevarevarura (2019)

If you love to watch comedies and enjoy good movies full of laughter and humor, Brochevarevarura is the right movie for you. This hilarious movie is a mixture of thriller and comedy. It will make you die of laughter. The director of “Mental Madhilo”, Vivek Athreya, now arrives with a new project. This time, the geniality of the director has led him to make a different film. In Brochevarevarura, he builds two plots and develops both of them throughout the film. He mixes the story of an actor who is telling a tale to a heroine with another story which involves kidnap, comedy and drama.

Brochevarevarura, narrates the story of three college students. These three friends Rahul (Sree Vishnu), Rambo (Priyadarshi) and Rocky (Rahul Ramakrishna) have been struggling and failing college for years. Their story is further complicated by the arrival of Mitra (Nivetha Thomas), who in turn has problems of her own and ends up tangling the three friends in them.

To help their new friend Mitra, the gang comes up with a crazy plan that they carry out to perfection. But not everything works out as well as planned. The events that are triggered create a series of funny situations for them. The funny thing about the story is what these situations are, and how they get rid of them.

The actors made a magnificent performance in Brochevarevarura. The viewer can sense that there is a great chemistry between them, which allows them to carry out their roles perfectly well. They keep the audience entertained throughout the entire movie with their great talent and good sense of humor.

Attention telugu movie lovers. If you missed it in theaters, now you can watch Brochevarevarura full movie online again on Gemini TV.

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