Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Episode 18 Written Update August 8th 2019

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Rahul, Punarnavi and Vithika opinions that Sreemukhi provoked Ravi in the task and became the reason behind his injury.

Punarnavi opinions that when it comes to task Sreemukhi turns into psycho and becomes very competitive. Sreemukhi says that it was not her idea of breaking the glass. Rahul scolds Ravikrishna for injuring himself.

bigg boss telugu written update

Bigg Boss summons Ravikrishna and Sreemukhi into medical room where Sreemukhi cries her heart out due to Rahul’s comments. Bigg Boss gives Ravikrishna a choice to stay out of the tasks till he gets recovered.

Later Bigg Boss tells everyone that they should take care of themselves first, later he cancels the task because of the accident happened. Captain varun reports that Sreemukhi and Ravi are responsible for the broken glass. Bigg Boss punishes Sreemukhi by directly nominating her for elimination for next week.

Bigg Boss assigns Ali and Punarnavi a secret task according to which they have to hide in a secret place without anyone noticing them. During midnight they both enters secret room one after another and stay put. Next morning all the housemates search for Ali and Punarnavi and find them missing.

Bigg Boss informs Punarnavi and Ali that the housemates have to sacrifice few things to make them go back into the house. Later Bigg Boss tells the same to the housemates and asks them to sacrifice footwear and curd for an entire week. He also says that they need to get rid of milk, eggs and mattresses.

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