Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Episode 15 Written Update August 5th 2019

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Ali and Mahesh opinions that Tamanna is not cleaning properly. Varun interfere and asks Tamanna to work properly. Tamanna gets offended by the behavior of the housemates.

Vithika and Ravikrishna are summoned by Bigg Boss into activity area, they were given couple of choices and they have to answer them by pressing the buttons (red and green) in front of them. They completes the task and as a result all the males are asked to sleep in the living room for a week.

Nomination task starts, Each housemate have to nominate other housemate by stamping on their face and they also have to give proper reason.

bigg boss telugu written update

Tamanna nominates Baba and Rohini because she feels they are strongest in the house.

Rahul nominates Mahesh for his poor behavior in the past and Ali because he was arrogant in the prior task.

Vithika nominates Siva Jyothi because she couldn’t hold her emotions and Baba bhaskar because he feels negative about her.

Mahesh nominates Rahul because he nominated him and Punarnavi because she crowned him as the villain of the house.

Siva Jyothi nominates Vithika and they both argue, She later nominates Tamanna because she changes her thoughts time to time.

Sreemukhi nominates Rahul as she is uncomfortable with him and Vithika because she felt that she is seeing the negative side of Vithika.

Ashu nominates Sreekukhi because she felt no bond with her, and Tamanna because of her hateful comments in previous task.

Himaja nominates Rahul because he wont mingle with her and Punarnavi because of her arrogant behavior.

Varun nominates Mahesh because he nominates punarnavi and gave a silly reason. He also nominates Sreemukhi because he felt she is forming groups in house.

Baba nominates Vithika and Punarnavi because he saw so many changes in their personalities over the weeks.

Ravi nominates Tamanna because he felt she is disturbing the environment of the house. He further nominates Himaja cause he thinks she is arrogant too. Tamanna passes hateful comments on Ravi which leads to

Ali nominates Tamanna and Rahul. Rohini nominates Tamanna because she don’t have hold on her tongue, she further adds Punarnavi because she always have mood swings

Punarnavi nominates herself and burst out at housemates, She feels she don’t want to stay in the house anymore as the housemates repeatedly pointing her behavior and accusing her for not opening up to everyone. Bigg Boss says she can’t nominate and herself and asks her to nominate someone else also warns her if she failed to do so, she gets nominated for the rest of the season.

Her decision of nominating self leads to an argument between Sreemukhi, Punarnavi and Tamanna. Varun finally convinces Punarnavi to take part in the task and she nominates Baba bhaskar and Himaja.

Tamanna, Punarnavi, Rahul, Vithika and Baba Bhaskar stays nominated for week 3. Meanwhile Tamanna and Ravikrishna had an argument and she attacks him physically.

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