Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Episode 11 Written Update August 1st 2019

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Vithika and Himaja break words about Varun being nominated as the worst performer, which further leads another quarrel between Ali and Himaja.

Tamanna shares her past with Varun, Rahul and Rohini. Meanwhile Bigg Boss releases Varun and Tamanna off jail. There comes the next according to which a diamond is placed in the garden area and all the housemates have to try to grab it first upon the buzzer. The winner will have the authority over all the housemates and can make them do anything.

bigg boss 3 episode 11

Upon the next buzzer the power gets transmitted to the person who wins. Varun sandesh grabs the diamond in first round and he makes Himaja wash his clothes. He orders Jaffar and Punarnavi to dance to Rahul’s song. He orders Mahesh and Sreemukhi to clean the bedroom.

Second time While housemates rush to grab the diamond Sive jyothi falls down and Ali grabs the diamond. Siva jyothi opinions Ali should be the king as she fell down. He commands all the male contestants of the house to dress like females while Tamanna feels it a bit odd and comments against his actions.

On the third round Himaja grabs the diamond and gets the power. Himaja makes Tamanna talk about her goals and Tamanna says she wants to achieve something in life and set an example to many transgenders like her. Baba talks about his anger issues, he believes that everyone should master the art of controlling anger and make friends then only they can progress in life.

Bigg Boss announces that Ali, Varun and Himaja are in race for captaincy and housemates are left with the choice to chose the right partner for the house. All the housemates unanimously choose Varun as the captain.

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