Bigg Boss Season 2 Written Update 10th July 2018

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss, Kaushal felt that all the housemates are getting connected with other even though they are not going to stay in the house forever. Amit was seen apologizing to Bigg Boss for his rude behavior on the day before. He said he was emotionally weak when he entered the house but he says he will be a better person when he goes out of Bigg Boss house.

Geetha Madhuri read out the letter from the Bigg Boss, its about the task ‘Good vs Evil’. Babu, Roll Rida, Sunaina, Tanish, Kaushal, Deepthi and Nandini are in Good team. Bhanu, Tejaswi, Samrat, Geetha, Ganesh and Amit are in Devil team.

bigg boss written update 10th july 2018

According to the task the Devil team has to ruin all the good work done by good team. Good team has to protect the three lotus flowers kept in the Bigg Boss house whereas Devil team try to destroy those flowers. Good team has to wear white costumes and Devil team need to wear Black costumes provided to them.

Roll Rida felt that team evil not playing according to the rules, the actual game was to destroy the good done by team good but he thinks that they are unnecessarily ruing the house. Team devil played hard to destroy everything done by team good, meanwhile Kaushal and Babu had a chat and they felt they are not following the rules properly.

Team Good had  a meeting and came up with a strategy that they will keep calm and patient. They  split into two teams to protect different areas. They decided to stay calm no matter what to win the game, whereas Deepthi wanted to pour some goodness whenever possible because she got nominated for the weekend.

Bigg Boss asked the housemates to share their experiences and spill their heart about the persons who they think they cheated or hurt. Smarat talked about his relationship few years back, he regretted that he couldn’t try at least one last time to save the relation. He later came to know that she was actually waiting for him to talk, but he blames himself he was too stubborn to talk and he let her go. He apologized to her and advised that “everything is fair in love and war, fight for your love and do not let them go”.

Tejaswi spoke her Dad, she says that he used to be great father and took care of her and her brother very well, but there is a time came her mother left the world which makes her dad depressed and mentally unstable. He completely changed and addicted to alcohol, so she had to leave him and his brother. She apologized to her father and promised she will take care of him whenever she can.

Amit spoke about Bhanu and said he was confused and was unable to choose between his heart and mind. He says that he is not a double person and apologized to Bhanu. Kaushal felt bad talking about her mother, he couldn’t be with her in her final days as he was shooting. He regretted his actions and apologized her

Good team and Devil team had an argument about the washrooms and batteries. Tejaswi took the batteries from the store room and denied to put them back. Kaushal asked Tejaswi to put the batteries back so that all the housemates can change their batteries one by one, but tejaswi refused to do so. She made a condition that the housemates in garden area should come inside then only she will put the batteries back.

Tanish and Sunaina spoke to the camera saying they cleaned up the garden area, pool. They believed that 50% of the house is under their control. Bhanu got hurt and everyone in the house was scared as she was moaning in pain. They later came to know that it was a prank played by Bhanu to get into garden area.


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