Bigg Boss Season 11 Contestants Names List

Bigg boss is one of the biggest Indian reality TV shows, which follows the Big Brother format, a famous reality TV show in the US. The latest winner, Manveer Gujjar, which is just a commoner, has inspired a lot of people and thus, they have decided to apply for the upcoming reality show.

After going through the procedure for choosing the contestants for the Bigg Boss, here is now the list of the celebrities who are going to be part of the Bigg Boss Season 11.

Celebrity Participants

Among the celebrity contestants are Abhishek Malik, Achint Kaur, Ayaz Khan, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Dhinchak Pooja, Falak Naaz, Mishti Chakraborty, Mohit Malhotra, Nandish Sadhu, Navneet Kaur Dillon, Navpret Banga, Nia Sharma, Poulomi Das, Rahul Raj Singh, Riya Sen, Sana Saeed and Zoya Afroz.

It should be noted that there has been no official confirmations made by any of these actors yet, and the makers have the show have not released any statement confirming the Bigg Boss Season 11 contestants.

The season will have a mix of celebrities and non-celebs that will be participating in the show, which follows similar pattern of the previous seasons. The show has become quite controversial all throughout its long run due to the issues surrounding the participants, most especially their fights and arguments.

Some of the previous contestants have found their own share of success upon the show’s completion, simply because of the publicity as well as the buzz that were generated all throughout their stay inside the house.

Watch the Show Online

Because of the popularity of the show, a lot of people are finding ways to watch the show online, most especially the previous episodes. Those who were not able to watch the reality show on TV can go to the Internet to watch for the online streaming. For instance, if you want to watch Bigg Boss 7 online, you can simply do a search and you will surely find several links offering a free viewing of the show.

The Bigg Boss 7 is the seventh season of the reality show and was aired on the Colors TV starting Sept. 15, 2013, and was hosted no other than by Salman Khan. It has been one of the most popular episodes so far, and because of its popularity, a lot of people have searched for ways on how to view Bigg Boss season 7 live online.


bigg boss season 11 contestant names

You know it, a reality show worth every second of your time. You might be asking yourself what is all this hype about a reality show? It follows the Big Brother format where contestants live in a house and are isolated from the rest of the world. The reality show has made everyone excited because Bigg Boss season 11 is almost out with new and fresh Bigg Boss season 11 contestants. What should you do now to be part of this thrilling show? You can watch Bigg Boss 7 online to have an experience of the shows dynamics. With Bigg boss season 7 live, you experience drama and joy at the same time.

The reality show is hosted by Salman Khan, a popular celebrity in India and worldwide. The show will hit your screens on October, but it cannot hit the screens without you finding out about the contestants. What are the contestant’s names? The contestants are:

· Dhinchak Pooja

You have heard of her and if you probably live under a rock, let find out about her. Who is Dhinchak Pooja? You can simply describe her as the YouTube or internet sensation. Still don’t remember her? You have probably heard of her few songs such as Swag wali topi and Selfie Maine leli aaj which she uploaded hence an internet celebrity.

· Nia Sharma

What a great choice as she is one of the celebrity contestants. Probably the sexiest woman in the world as she constantly posts pictures over social media handles.

· Achint Kaur

You as a Bollywood fan know her or have seen her on various movies and shows. She is popular in India.

· Devoleena Bhattarcharjee

Drama and controversy is expected with Devoleena on the contestant list.

· Shilpa Shinde

Without a doubt she is famous with various achievements to her name. You might know her from the popular show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain or her various controversies. A contestant of the reality show with drama expected.

· Riya Sen

An actress and a model, she has had great success. She brings her success to the reality show.

Bigg boss season 11 will have the audience begging for more. The Bigg Boss season 11 contestants will bring you laughs, cries and surprises. You need to watch Bigg Boss season 7 online to get a good understanding of the show. The Bigg Boss season 7 live has all the intrigues of a great reality show. Excitement fills the air as a new dawn arrives with great anticipation.

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