Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Written Update June 28th 2018

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss all the housemates woke up to a foot tapping tune. Tejaswi and Amit were seen helping Kaushal doing dishes. Shyamala and Tejaswi had an argument over buttermilk, curd and lassi. Tejaswi asks the house captain to decide the food menu everyday because she felt that no is sure about decision making which is leading to food shortage.

Bhanu heard Geetha, Shyamala and Deepthi talking about Tejaswi and she suggests them confront her instead of talking behind her back. Geetha entertains the housemates with a peppy number on Kaushal’s request meanwhile Tejaswi and Bhanu shook a leg on that song.

bigg boss 2 telugu written update

Shyamala was seen upset, Tanish asks her what is the matter. She says she was not happy with Tejaswi’s earlier behavior about the food. Samrat spoke with tejaswi about her with shyamala and he makes her feel sorry for what she has done. Samrat and Tanish spoke the same and they feel like tejaswi is losing her reputation by dong such things.

Bigg Boss accused few housemates for not following the house rules even after repeated warnings. Kaushal failed at Bigg Bomb regulation and samrat failed in sugar cane task. Bigg Boss punished both of them, Samrat had to break 3 stone blocks into small pieces and amit should do the dishes. Samrat can nominate any other person from the house to do his task but Tanish took the punishment voluntarily.

Tejaswi and Shyamala had an argument over food distribution and Tejaswi decides to not to cook anymore. Amit clears the confusion by saying anyone can cook any anything that they wish to eat. Tejaswi was seen unhappy and she felt that everyone in the house are being rude to her. She refuses to eat with housemates, both tejaswi and shyamala gave a try to sort out the things between them but it turns into an emotional argument.

Tanish read a poem from Bigg Boss letter and the task is everyone from the house had to share their love experience and the sacrifices they have made for their love. They should give one rose to one of the housemates who they think need more love.

Tanish spoke about his parents and gave a rose to geetha. Tejaswi spoke about her love and gave a rose to samrat, samrat shared his lovingness towards his parents and he gave a rose to tejaswi. Ganesh also shred his love towards his parents and he dedicated his rose to all house members. Bhanu spoke about her love and gave rose to Babu gogineni. Geetha Madhuri got emotional remembering her mother and husband, she gave rose to Tejaswi, Nandini and Ganesh.

Roll rida remembered his sad love story and why he had to sacrifice, he gave the rose to kireeti. Young deepthi sunaina shared her breakup story and she thought she should keep the roseĀ  to herself. Nandini remembered the time when she helped her friend to come out of depression, she gave the rose to tejaswi. Deepthi nallamothu and Ganesh got emotional in the end and all housemates consoled them. Watch Bigg Boss season 2 telugu live for moreĀ  updates

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