Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Written Update June 27th 2018

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 2, Bigg Boss declares that Yellow teams had won the task ‘Sugarcane Factory’. Tejaswi was seen unhappy because one of thhe housemates pointed her out and said something. Babu gogineni spoke with kaushal and he felt the someone from the yellow team had damaged their sugarcane extract machine and he is strongly believes that its the failure of the chancellor Sanjana.

During the luxury bucket task both the captains of yellow and green were give some money to pay the labors(housemates) who works for them. The housemates were also given the freedom to switch the teams if one of them is paying more money.

bigg boss 2 telugu written update

Both the teams were busy discussing their winning strategies. Meanwhile Tejaswi tries to make a deal with the opposite team but seems it didn’t go well. Kaushal was being smart hiding the money in various places of the house. Kireeti also tried to bribe Roll Rida by offering him some cash.

Once the siren goes, both the teams have to fetch sugar canes and starts making juice out of it. Both the members of the team were trying to ruin the bonding/unity of other team. Meanwhile ganesh cut a deal with yellow team but it didn’t work out.

Babu Gogineni says out loud that the openings are available in team green for workers. No team has accomplished the task and Bigg Boss warns housemates to complete the next task properly. Everyone seem busy discussing their strategies again. Tejaswi was offered 1 Lakh rupees and she ditches the team yellow to work for team Green as worker.

In the next task both the teams were given bottles, each team has to fill 50 bottles of cane juice within given time. Team yellow felt betrayed by Tejaswi, they won 3-2 over team green. In the end Kaushal left with 15,000 and kireeti had no cash. Kaushal won as captain and Tejaswi won as worker. Because of the fair play Bigg Boss allows all the housemates to share the luxury budget . Kaushal and Tejaswi were given special voting powers and Bigg Boss told they will be briefed about their powers when the time comes.

Tejaswi cleared that she didn’t cheat her team and explained her strategy. Both Tejaswi and Kaushal decided to use their special powers only for their respective team members.

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