Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Written Update July 1st 2018

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 2, Nani started the show by narrating Tortoise-Hare story. The weekend task named ‘Aunanna Kadanna’, according to the task the selected housemate has to stand facing the rest of the housemates. Nani revealed a movie title to housemates and they had to guess if the movie title suits the contestant or not by displaying Yes/No cards given to them. Later chosen housemate have to turn around and guess the movie name with 3 hints. If he/she fails to guess the movie, then he/she will be punished by the rest of the housemates.

Later each and every housemate will be judged by public and all the housemates has to react on it with Yes/No.

bigg boss telugu written update

Contestant: Ganesh

Movie: Papam Pasivadu

Housemates Opinion: Yes

Public opinion: Ganesh is bit confused in house response: Yes 12, No 2

Contestant: Deepthi Sunaina

Movie: Mahanati

Housemates Opinion: 12 Yes, 2 No, She guesses the movie title correct in 2 hints

Public Opinion: She is a drama queen, response: 7 yes, 7 No

Contestant: Kireeti

Movie: Veedu Theda

Housemates Opinion: 5 Yes, 11 No. He guessed the movie wrong and housemates asked him to recite saikumar’s dialogue.

Contestant: Bhanu

Movie: Desamuduru

Housemates opinion: Half yes, Half No. She guessed the movie correct

Public Opinion: She can not take the feedback positively, response: Yes

Contestant: Babu Gogineni

Movie: Yevadithe Nakenti

Housemates Opinion: All Yes

Public Opinion: Babu is not entertaining, response: No

Contestant: Syamala

Movie: Amma Rajinama

Housemates Opinion: 2 yes, 14 No

Public opinion: Syamala is playing secure game, response: No

Contestant: Samrat

Movie: Nenu Na Rakshasi

Housemates opinion: Yes, He guesses it in second hit and he had to reveal his rakshasi name by acting like a child

Public opinion: Samrat is not being prominent by 2 other inmates, response: No

Contestant: Geetha Madhuri

Movie: Ush Gapchup

Housemates opinion: Half yes, Half No. She guessed it wrong and as a punishment housemates asked her to sing a song in a male voice

Public statement: Geetha is lazy, response: Yes

Contestant: Kaushal

Movie: Manmadha

Housemates opinion: No

Public opinion: He is being selfish, response: Yes

Contestant: Tejaswi

Movie: Ammoru

Housemates Opinion: Yes

Public opinion: Tejaswi need to think before saying anything, response: Yes

Contestant: Nandhini

Movie: Intelligent

Housemates opinion: Yes

public opinion: Nandhini is a silent killer, response: Yes

Contestant: Tanish

Movie: Aggi Ramudu

Housemates Opinion: Yes

Public Opinion: He is being over reacting, response: No

Contestant: Deepthi Nallamothu

Movie: Mee Sreyobhilashi

Housemates opinion: Yes

Public opinion: Deepthi giving fake promises to ganesh, response: No

Contestant: Roll Rida

Movie: Allari Pidugu

Housemates Opinion: 13 Yes 3 No

Public opinion: He can do better things as Amit, response: Yes

Among 3 contestants, Geetha Madhuri got protected and from remaining 2 kireeti has been eliminated form the house. Kireeti shared his experience with the housemates, before leaving the show kireeti and Kaushal has sorted out the things between them. Kireeti told kaushal whatever he has done was a part of the task. Kireeti gifted a jacket to tanish before leaving the house and he was praised by Tanish. Tejaswi felt that pubic judged him on few activities where he was bit carried away, Babu shared that Kireeti is a very sensitive person and not at all commanding.

Kireeti advised tejaswi to be compassionate in everything she does and he dropped a Bigg Bomb on geetha madhuri. According to the Bigg Bomb task she has to wear boxing gloves all the time except in washrooms. Nani said goodbye to Kireeti.


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