Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Written Update 9th July 2018

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 2, all the housemates woke up to the song Hello. Kaushal saw deepthi’s luggage in captain’s cabin and asked her to move, and mentioned nobody should enter captain’s cabin without his permission. DeepthiĀ  inquired everyone if anyone had problem with her stuff being in there, all the housemates said they have no problem with that.

According to the task a telephone was setup in the garden area, when the phone ring goes Tejaswi lift the call first and gets nominated for doing that. To get off the nomination list Samrat had to shave his beard standing in front of booth while she remains inside. Samrat completes the task and Tejaswi goes off the list.

Bigg Boss telugu written update 9th july 2018

Similarly every housemate got the call and his/her co-inmate had to fulfill the demand in order to save them from the nomination. Babu gogineni ate two bunches of coriander to free Ganesh. Nandini had to convince Kaushal to self nominate himself to save deepthi but Kaushal denies to do it. Deepthi gets nominated for elimination.

Tejaswi had to rip her white blanket into small pieces to save Geetha from the nomination. To save Tanish from the nomination Sunaina had to chop her hair, to save Babu from the nomination Geetha had a permanent tattoo of Bigg Boss eye on her body. To save roll rida Ganesh had to fed upon fruits whole week and need to nominate himself. Bhanu packed her stuff and put it back in store room to save Nandini off the list. Deepthi had to eat bitter gourd to save sunaina. Roll Rida got a red colored Mohok hair style to save Amit. To save Bhanu from the elimination, Amit had to get rid off his scarf and give up his captaincy for the rest of the season. He agreed to get off the scarf but couldn’t leave his captaincy, so Bhanu got nominated for the elimination.

Tanish dip his leather jacket in red paint to save samrat. Bhanu felt bad and asked Amit why he ditched her in the last moment, Amit regretted his actions. At the end of the task Deepthi, Bhanu and Ganesh got nominated for the weekend elimination.



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