Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Written Update 8th July 2018

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss, Nani shared one of his experiences from his olden days where he used to work as Assistant director. He says that we should treat everyone with same respect no matter what. Nani checks all the stolen belongings of housemates and asked them who they think is the thief? Most of them took Deepthi sunaina’s name. Nani questioned Deepthi, Syamala and Geetha why they went into the washroom by removing their mics.

Deepthi believes that there is a bed in bed room which is not good to sleep and everyone who slept on it got bad dreams. Tanish and Samrat thought of sleeping on that bed if the girls have no problem. Hearing this conversation between Tanish and Samrat, Kaushal (captain) said it would be wise to ask the girls first. Nani warned Syamala, Geetha and Deepthi that removing mics is the violation of house protocol and he asked them to not to repeat this again.

bigg boss telugu written update 8th july 2018

Meanwhile Tanish asked Tejaswi if he wanted to sleep on that bed, Tejaswi said no which leads to a debate between him and Kaushal. Nani reminded Tanish do not cross his limits especially in his presence. Nani asked Geetha to wait in confession room and asked the housemates to go to the bed rooms.

Tanish and Kaushal had a mouth fight while Tejaswi was seen supporting Tanish. After a while Nani called all the housemates to the activity area, announced Villain’s chair task during which every housemate has to choose his/her villain in the house and made him sit on the throne, they also have to tell the reason why did they choose him/her.

Geetha chose Tanish as he nominated her 2 times because of the the misunderstanding he has with her. Tanish selected Kaushal and believes that he is bossy. Kaushal picked Tanish due to his anger management issues. Samrat chose Roll Rida because he felt he’s been a healthy competitor for him in all the tasks. Roll Rida again picked Samrat to level the things between them. Sunaina chose Kaushal and says she felt bad because of him asking about her late night activities.

Bhanu picked Nandhini because she spoke behind her back, Nandhini chose Roll Rida for not supporting her in the task. Tejaswi picked Amith because he is playing nice with everyone, Amith chose Geetha and he says he is jealous of her. Ganesh picked Kaushal for over concentrating on him.

Babu named Roll Rida because he imprisoned him and says he is a lovable villain. Nani cleared that Babu is in protected Zone. Deepthi chose Syamala for their kitchen fights, Syamala chose Geetha for ditching her in the previous night. Nani declared that Tejaswi is in safe zone and rests the elimination process to Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss asks Deepthi, Nandini and Syamala to pack their bags and come to activity area. Bigg Boss calls Kaushal and Tejaswi into the activity area and says rest of the housemates to stay in the living room. Bigg Boss instructs Kaushal and Tejaswi to use their special powers in order to save one of the 3 contenders each. Tejaswi chose Deepthi and Kaushal chose Nandini. Bigg Boss announced that Syamala’s journey in the house has come to an end.

Nani welcomes Syamala on to the stage and plays a visual showing Syamala’s journey in the house. Nani says syamala to be happy as she is going to meet her son Ishan. Syamala shared her feelings with all the housemates one last time. She dropped the Bigg Bomb on Deepthi according to which she had to¬† do the laundry of all housemates through out the week.

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