Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Written Update 5th July 2018

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 2, Amith and Bhanu managed to get into the intimacy room. Amith in his character expressed his love toward Bhanu, they shook a leg for the song ‘Uppenantha ee premaki’. Roll rida rapped a song for Deepthi Sunaninna and they both danced for ‘Barby Girl’. Kaushal and Deepthi also portrayed a family drama in intimacy room. Nandhini wrote a letter in telugu for Tanish, he expressed his feelings by writing a letter and gave her a rose. They danced for a duet

As a part of the drama, Bhanu waited in the intimacy room for a while, whereas Amith got late and he apologizes for being late. Bhanu made a special dish for Amith and fed him. Deepthi Sunaina was seen upset, when Tanish asked the same, she denies and told him to leave her alone.

On her birthday evening Tejaswi wanted to share her thoughts about the housemates, she started with Babu gogineni

bigg boss 2 written update 5th july 2018

Babu Gogineni: She says that he is most balanced human being in the house with so much experience about life. She also says she would have been a IAS officer if he was her father

Kaushal: She says she couldn’t like him earlier because of his serious behavior but now she thinks that she was wrong and apologizes

Geetha Madhuri: Tejaswi felt very irritated Geetha Madhuri’s nature at first, but now she understands her better

Nandhini: Tejaswi wanted to clear the things between her and Nandhini and asked her to start fresh

Syamala: She felt that they both had same taste about food and says syamala is one of her favorite housemates. But she also feels that syamala don’t share much with her  as she does with Deepthi.

Amit: She believes that he is the male version of her

Samrat: She says she fell for him because they both are single and had feelings for one another

Actors sai dharam tej and Anupama entered the house, He praised everyone who did well in their tasks. Anupama also had a chat with all the house members. Babu gogineni asked Anupama to translate a Malayalam line he wrote, it became hilarious. She sang ‘Andaimaina Chandamama’ from her upcoming movie.

Tejaswi celebrated her birthday and cut the cake. Everybody had the cake and both sai dharam tej, Anupama left the house. Tejaswi read a letter in front of  house members which samrat wrote for her. Deepthi sunaina changed her feelings towards Tanish and calls him brother while he was feeding her.

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