Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Written Update 3rd July 2018

In the previous episode of Bigg Boss Geetha Madhuri imprisoned, Roll Rida offered Geetha Madhuri his jail card to free her but she refused to experience the jail at least once. Kaushal also wanted to use his special power to release her from the house but she wanted to have the jail experience before leaving the once. Bigg Boss warned Kaushal that not to loose his special power for small reasons. Meanwhile Babu gogineni and Geetha Madhuri felt that she is pretending to be having fun in jail.

Bigg Boss called Amith and Tanish in confession room and again offered food, Bigg Boss impressed with their work so far, they both tasted the food. All the remaining housemates were curious to know what is going on with Amith and Tanish. Bigg Boss provided a special meal for the housemates and left the decision to Amith and Tanish if they want to reveal the ‘secret task’ they have done, or not.

bigg boss written update 3rd july 2018

Tanish and Amith wanted to maintain the transparency in the house and Tanish revealed the task saying, whatever he has done was a part of the task and not for his personal benefits. All the housemates were provided a delicious meal.

Deepthi confronted Tejaswi that her actions are hurtful sometimes, she wanted her (Tejaswi) to understand her concern. Tejaswi is hurt because she thinks that Nandhini and Bhani are discussing about her relationship with samrat. She said she caught them during a high-five but Deepthi supported Nandhini and explained Tejaswi that nothing happened like that.

Deepthi shared this conversation with Nandhini. Nandhini felt bad because people are not understanding her, Deepthi asked Nandhini to speak with Tejaswi and clear the things but Nandhini refused and said she is not here to make friends, Ganesh and Syamala consoled her. Nandhini and Ganesh were seen talking about the nominations and she was sure that Kaushal didn’t nominate Ganesh. She boosted his confidence and asked him to perform well.

Tejaswi and Samrat heard Nandhini talking with Geetha and saying that she doesn’t like Bhanu,  they shared this word with Bhanu. Bhanu confronted Nandhini about what she discussed with Geetha, Nandhini apologized to Bhanu for talking behind her back. Tejaswi also said that Nandhini spoke bad about Tanish and presented samrat as witness. Nandhini denied it and said it was a cheap drama by Tejaswi, Deepthi consoled Nandhini saying you did the right thing (apologizing to Bhanu).

The luxury Budget task announced, according to the task house will be turned into a hostel with boys roaming around and girls desperate for love. There were security guards and hostel warden. The challenge for the boys is to meet their girls and exchange gifts. If the couples gets succeeded in the task then the security guards and warden will loose the points.

Couples: Tejaswi & Samrat, Bhanu & Amith, Nandhini & Tanish, Deepthi Sunaina & Roll rida, Deepthi & kaushal.

Wardens: Babu Gogineni & Geetha Madhuri

Guards: Syamala and Ganesh

Kaushal got succeeded delivering the love letter to deepthi. Samrat failed to deliver the letter whereas Tejaswi faked her fainting. To know more updates watch Bigg Boss 2 Telugu live

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