Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Written Update 2nd July 2018

In the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 2 tejaswi was seen chatting with Babu Gogineni about everyone poking her with samrat’s name. Tejaswi cleared that samrat is a good friend, she also stated that this type of gossips around the house will also effect his life outside house.

Deepthi and Geetha Madhuri believes that this is nothing but a game plan to win. Tejaswi realizes that Deepthi, Syamala and Roll Rida were also discussed the same. Samrat and Tejaswi spoke to Deepthi Sunaina, Bhanu and Nandhini and they sorted out the things between them. Tanish apologized Deepthi Sunaina and they shared a lovely moment.

bigg boss 2 written update

Bigg Boss invted Amith and Tanish into confession room, they were offered candy and asked to eat. after tasting they have to dedicate it to one of the housemates. Amith had a candy and it was sweet and salt, he dedicated it to Babu Gogineni. Bigg Boss assigned a secret task to them and according to the task they need to sell a story to housemates and. If they got success then a special meal will be provided to all housemates.

Amith and Tanish got ready with the plan and according to it Tanish got aggressive and he told the inmates that he is not happy with their behavior. He said he is upset because everyone is poking him with sunaina’s name. Bigg Boss called Babu Gogineni and Geethi Madhuri in the confession room and asked them to nominate one housemate. Babu nominated Deepthi because he believes that she is too judgmental. Geetha nominated Tejaswi because of  her bossy nature.

Roll Rida and Tejaswi were called. Roll Rida nominated Kaushal for his aggressive nature and for his switching moods. Tejaswi nominated Ganesh because she believes that he can’t survive the house anymore. Ganesh and Nandhini were called, Ganesh nominated Kaushal because of his unsteady behavior, Nandhini nominated Tejaswi because of her dominative nature and selfishness. Meanwhile Nandhini apologized Tanish and they both hugged each other.

Syamala and Deepthi were called. Syamala nominated Tejaswi of her aggressiveness. Deepthi nominated Babu Gogineni because she felt that he is influencing the persons around him. Samrat nominated Kaushal and Bhanu nominated Nandhini.

Kaushal nominated ganesh and Sunaina nominated Syamala for her rude behavior. Amit nominated Kaushal and Tanish nominated Geeta Madhuri. Bigg Boss invited Tanish and Amith in confession room and they were offered a cake. Bigg Boss ordered Roll Rida to imprison Geetha Madhuri for repeatedly breaking the house rules. Her assignment was to write 100 times that she would obey the rules.

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