Best Bollywood Movies of 2017 Online

Best Bollywood Movies of 2017

I love the movies, it brings back memories of good times with friends and family. The latest advancements with 3D and IMAX / better sound has only improved the experience for the viewers and added to the TV Bollywood dream.

Here I will review the best Bollywood movies of 2017 and discus how they were received by viewers. I have five movies to review I hope you enjoy reading the responses and if it encourages you to see the movies then i know i have reviewed honestly and well, please enjoy.

top 5 bollywood movies


Newton is a black comedy about a government clerk called Newton Kumar. He finds himself in the midst of a conflict ridden work between two towns where he must fairly balance voting and voting and political process.

Reports of guerrilla attack by communist rebels he knows odds of democracy are stacked against him and voters fail to turn out.

Later the security forces have to make the electorate turnout to vote, soon Newton realizes they have no idea what the election is about and chaos continues.

Desire education security forces push forward and tell voters the vote machine is simply a toy and it must be used!

Trouble with security forces prevails and the situation degrades into Newton having to steal and count notes with a gun!

All this dark humour is poke of fun at the political climate in India and surrounding countries where security tightening has restricted and frustrated the world in events of recent terrorism and difficult political landscape.

The performances and dark humour in this film is excellent and the response from the viewers have reflected this with high scores and liking happy cinema pundits.

This film has even garnished awards and for this experienced and talents actors and production staff.


Kaabil is a slightly different Bollywood film about a crime drama, where a couple experiences a tragedy and have to fight for justice!

Rohan played by Hrithik Roshan is a blind voice actor, who through work meets Supriya (Yami Gautam), they get married and the future looks bright.

However events take a criminal turn, when after a date night on their way home two men presumed thugs, with connections to a local politician begin harassing them and suddenly they are separated.

After a heated exchange, they find each other and manage to leave. However the thugs follow them home and in the morning Supriya is attacked and raped!

This film is tense with well acted gripping scenes and with the poor couples situation turning from bad to nightmare!

I will not spoil but Rohan has to take justice for himself and this tense movie turns into a battle but who will win?

This film has be received very well and the box office figures demonstrate that. Reviews have not been so favourable, but they seem to be a little harsh for a film which is difficult to create effectively, well worth watching.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha

Toilet Ek Prem Katha is a Bollywood comedy and drama starring Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar.

Kashav’s (Kumar) father is a priest and superstitious with the belief his son must marry a buffalo to gain fame and fortune!

Kashav meets Jaya and they fall in love. He wants to marry her but fathers superstitious tendances happen and he believes he can only marry a girl with two thumbs!

Jaya gets a false one to satisfy the father so they can marry. However Jaya is angry because Kashav’s house does not have a toilet and orders him to make one!

This is a little silly and quite funny at times!

Kashav is embarrassed and runs away! The villagers try to help to build a village toilet, thugs then attempt to destroy with Kashav being woken up and having to stop this to the villagers and Jaya amazement!

In the further twist they become unhappy try to divorce and judge puts a stop to this because of the toilet being finished and the movie has a happy ending!

This movie is a ride of emotions with unexpected yet very funny plot lines. The actors are light hearted and good and the movies is very entertaining. A good movie which has done very well at the box office.

Jolly LLB2

Another dark comedy about a layer and his wife who lie for business making the kill herself from the shame. The lie continues to create bad karma because the client who is promised the work has her husband killed in terrorist attack.

The interplay of the lawyer and client continues this money and power interplay throughout the movie with ironic effects!

The film is a moral story about the damage even a simple lie can do. The lie event effects trial and the justice beyond causing a surreal and out of world effect which is highly entertaining.

This film cause controversy being banned in one country and it seems to have done the ratings of the film good. The main actor has won an award for his work and the box office of this film is excellent.

Overall the film is ambitious and does well to rise to the challenge entertaining viewers along the way to its numbing end making viewers happy for their own lives.

Baahubali 2: The conclusion

The second film in the series, the sequel takes off from Baahubali, after exciting adventures from the first. Baahubali’s son find out about his heritage and take on similar life to his father and similar events continue.

This is a sequel and continuation to an exciting and thriller fantasy movie. The son of Amarendra Bahubali, Mahendra Bahubali finds out that his mother had been caged and held by his Uncle Bhallala Deva for decades. Mahendra Bahubal later builds his own army with the help of Avantika and seeks revenge on Bhallala Deva. He does this through skill delegation and clever manipulation which somehow manages to win the kingdom in the name of goodness and prosperity.

The fire effects are amazing and this is obviously a high budget movie and entertaining to watch.

A roller coaster ride of a movie which is both exciting and funny, with good figures again at the box office.

Movie fans seem to like this excitement and have returned in numbers to enjoy the sequel.

These are all successful entertaining movies created by experience professionals, who all look like they are having fun and make movie making look easy. My favourite is the first movie because it raises some import issues in india and the east today and the other films seem to hint in a similar way.

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