Batti Gul Meter Chalu Full Movie Online | Shahid Kapoor, Sharaddha Kapoor

The movie Batti Gul Meter Chalu brings in a story about the life of three friends which takes a tragic turn after an inflated electricity bill. The nearly-3-hour-long movie will premiere on ZEE cinema on the 16th of February. It is a social drama, relevant to the corruption issues that some people have to face in modern society.

This is arguably one of the best movies of Shahid Kapoor after Padmaavat. Shraddha Kapoor and Divyendu Sharma also leave a good impression, as the three actually play the main cast in the film. With the brilliant direction from Shree Narayan Singh and and excelling storytelling with a dab of humor, the story is very believable and enjoyable to watch.

The plot revolves around three childhood friends – SK, a mean lawyer, Nauti, an over the top fashion designer and Tripathi, who opens a small town Printing Press. The latter is hit with an inflated electricity bill which shockingly rises in the following months. That leads to him committing a suicide. SK has a change of heart and decides to fight against the Privatized Electricity Company responsible for the inflated bill and give justice to his friend. All in all, this is not just another courtroom drama, but also a form of social awakening.

Since its release, the film has received generally positive audience response. Although it was criticized for its running time, it still manages to find a way to address a serious issue without being excessively boring. ZEE cinema will premiere the movie on the 16th of February which will allow its users to watch the film online. If you are an Indian and live abroad, you will soon be able to watch Batti Gul Meter Chalu online at home without having to go to an actual cinema.

All in all, it’s definitely a film worth watching and the top notch performances of the main cast contribute to a wonderful social problem drama. If you are into stories with a meaningful message, Batti Gul Meter Chalu is a movie lighthearted and carefree while at the same time coated in a thick layer of melodrama.

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