ABP Majha Marathi News Live Streaming | ABP Majha Live

ABP Majha is a Marathi News Channel, based in Mumbai. Launched in 2007, the channel was originally a part of Star Network and was renamed as ABP Mazha in June 2012. Owned by ABP Group, this channel airs News, Live Debates, Interviews with Politicians, Social Awareness Programs, Talks with Experts, and various Public and Business-related programs. The channel also airs spiritual and Health-related shows periodically for the audience.

ABP Majha is one of the few highly watched Marathi News channels that is known for its prompt delivery of latest news from in and out of Maharashtra. The channel delivers news about Sports, Technology, and other areas of interest in Marathi for the Marathi audience. The channel is reputable all over the world and is one of the few Marathi Channels that is known for its authenticity and is trusted by the majority.

This channel is available all over the world through live streaming services as ABP Majha Marathi News Live channel. Audience living in various parts of the world turn to online streaming to watch news about India and their cities. ABP Majha Live News Marathi channel gratifies the Marathi audience who want to know about the condition of Maharashtra and various issues that are going on.

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