5 Popular Hindi Serials Copied From English

Every entertainment media wants to fetch more and more viewers for their latest TV shows. However, every time it is not possible to create unique ideas, which can be a showcase in the form of TV shows. Therefore, here comes the idea of copying the Hindi serials from English shows.

Today we find so many television shows that are taking inspiration from some other countries’ TV shows. There is a huge list of Hindi serials copied from English but let us discuss the most popular latest shows.

1. The Kapil Sharma Show

The Kapil Sharma show is the Hindi show copied from one of the most popular show, The Kumars At No 42. A huge similarity is observed within the characters and the story lines. The English show has actors acting as old woman, uncle, property owners and is niche in talk show with comedy features in it. It is observed in The Kapil Sharma’s show.

hindi serials copied from english

Another true example of Hindi serials copied from Hollywood is

2. 24

This television show is the American remake in Hindi, awarded with the best title of “Satellite Award for best Drama Series” and other awards like The Golden Globe, and Emmy Awards as well. It was observed that to direct the show, five directors were appointed.

hindi serials copied from english

3. Kumkum Bhagya

This is another English Inspired show from Hollywood Shows, which was a miniseries show naming Sense and Sensibility. People say that despite a very good theme, Hindi show was not up to the mark. However, it had attracted a huge audience for the show.

hindi serials copied from english

4. Meri Aushiqui Tum Se Hi

A UK based TV show that was inspired by a very famous novel, which was written by Emily Bronte. The title for the novel was Wuthering Heights. This story was based on love and revenge and was then copied by the Hindi TV show, which was named as Meri Aushiqui Tum se Hi, and a poor child of a servant is now in love with a rich daddy’s girl and the girl is the daughter of servants Master.hindi serials copied from english5. Ek Hasina Thi

Another most popular English series Revenge gave the idea to Hindi Serial where the Hindi serial copied from English story. Mike Kelley created the original series, and in Hindi, Star Plus telecasted the show.

hindi serials copied from english

Every now and then, the TV serials take inspiration from the English serials and telecast on their channels. A theme is adopted from such series and various small modifications are done to deliver the same concept with Hindi touch on the television media.

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